Monday August 12, 7:00pm New York time (peak of “Soma Pradosham” karma-clearing time)

Clear the Karmic Pattern of "Relationship Mental-Emotional Anguish" Across Thousands/Millions of Relationships Your Soul is Working On Now, Across All Lifetimes

On average for those who will read this, your soul is actively trying to resolve
between 6000 and 2 Million different relationships you've had over many lifetimes.

This doesn't mean that you actually know that many people in this present life. It means that you have known this number of people over many lifetimes and over the many experiences of your soul.

Some of these relationships have been very minor, and had a relatively low karmic impact.

Some of these relationships have been past-life marriages, parental relationships, friendships, political enemies, ancestral connections, perpetrator-victim scenarios, and other potentially very difficult and charged situations.

The unresolved nature of these relationships equate with your relationship karma now. This karma isn't a punishment coming from an outside source. It is simply the suppressed unresolved energy still held by your unconscious on these past situations.

Even if there is only a little bit of karma still present in any of your past relationships, your soul will continue to work on trying to bring it up and resolve it until it's fully resolved. Your soul really has one primary mission, and this is for your total freedom. You cannot be truly free while you are still carrying a weight of karma.

For most people, this soul-clearing process means that the karmic patterns in the old relationships will continuously be brought forward into present relationships and situations, symbolically activating the old energy for resolution and clearing now.

This means something obvious: most people's relationships are filled with constant problems.

Even if people move into new relationships -- romantic, friendship, family, professional, etc. -- they often find they just continue to encounter the same types of issues over and over again. Different faces, same issues.

The problem isn't the relationships themselves, but the internal karma that you are carrying that is not yet resolved. When you resolve the karma, and also do your conscious work (this is also monumentally important), you will start to see different, more positive, results in the relationships you attract. Relationships will start working much better. You will attract clearer people and clearer situations that will enrich you, rather than bring you down.

You can accelerate this process of relationship karma resolution by participating in this clearing.

This clearing is taking place at an exactly optimum date and time for doing this kind of work.

Monday evening, August 12, at 90 minutes before sunset (at approximately 7:00 pm New York time), a special rare window of karma-clearing opportunity will arise called in the Vedic tradition "Soma Pradosham".

Pradosham days in general are the most important dates for karma clearing. But more rarely is an event called Soma Pradosham, which is the most effective time for clearing afflictions of the Moon that can cause mental and emotional anguish, especially in relationships.

Pradosham is a special day, considered to be the most effective day for karma removal. The word "pradosham" literally means "removal of karma", and this date is associated with Shiva, who is the karma-removing Divine Archetype. Clearings performed on this special date, starting at the special window beginning approximately 90 minutes before sunset, can bring immediate relief from karma, and can establish a new sense of inner freedom.

During this clearing, we will perform on your behalf, and on the 6000 to 2 Million souls your soul is currently trying to resolving karmic issues with through many lifetimes, at least the following clearings:

The following full scenario of potent Vedic-based relationship karma clearing protocols:

  • an Aikyamatya Pushpanjali clearing (Karma Clearing and Activation for Unity and Oneness, strengthening relationships, and bringing unity within them)

  • a Muruga Pooja. Muruga is the ruling Divine Archetype of Mars, and can help clearing malefic relationship effects. Mars directly impacts all relationships, and when the karma of Mars is cleared, it can bestow good health and vitality.

  • Homas (karma-clearing fire rituals) to Manmathan and Rathi (Divine Archetypes of Love), promoting unity and intimacy in couples, ensuring harmony in relationships, solving marriage problems

  • Activation and Karma-Clearing based on the "Parvati Vallabha Ashtakam" chant, to clear karma and activate consciousness around the themes of love and stability in relationship

  • Mars Pooja to promote the positive aspects of Mars, and to help resolve relationship issues

  • Archana Pooja at Thirumangalakudi, which activates and clears blocks to long-lasting relationships, right partner, children, and reduces planetary afflictions

  • Uma Maheshwara Pooja, helping to overcome relationship problems, and activating relationship longevity

  • Abishekam to Valli Devayani Sahita Subramanya Swami to remove obstacles, and activate loving relationship consciousness

  • Dhambadi Pooja: an ancient karma clearing and activation for relationship

  • Pooja to Goddess Parvati to activate love, relationship longevity, and relationship obstacle clearing

  • Pooja to Goddess Durga to root out negativity external and internal

  • Activation and Karma-Clearing to "Om Kleem Namaha" at the 10,008 level. This is the positive relationship attraction mantra.

  • Mars homa to fix relationship and marriage problems

  • Venus homa to bless with positive relationships, happiness in relationships, love, beauty, and prosperity

  • Samvada Suktam Homa: An ancient karma-clearing activation from the Rig Veda to bless you with peace, unity, good relationships, happiness, and success

We will also perform for you:

  • An activation, installation, and a karma clearing of all past-life blocks you and your relationships have to the highest coherence to the mantra "Thiru Neela Kantam" which is the most powerful karma-clearing mantra there is. We will do this clearing at the 1,000,008 mantra installation level.

  • a karma clearing for the 108 mantras and names for the "Moon", which is the planet elevated at this time, and whose energy represents mind and emotions in relationship

  • a karma clearing and resolution to the blessings of the 13th waxing moon phase, which is highly charged on Pradosham

  • a karma clearing for the 108 mantras and names of Shiva, who is the karma-clearing Divine Archetype, whose energy is elevated on Mondays, and whose energy governs Pradosham

  • a karma clearing and activation for the 108 mantras and names of Parvati, the Divine Archetype whose energy "controls" the Moon, and whose energy is especially elevated on Mondays

We will work through resolving karmic blocks within all your relationship contexts that reflect or contribute to the following relationship challenges:

  • revenge ideation

  • abandonment issues

  • jealousy and envy

  • power struggles

  • volatility and hostility

  • possessiveness

  • selfishness and self-centeredness

  • emotionally unavailable

  • rigid expectations

  • emotional abuse

  • unavailable sexually

  • suppressed feelings

  • disengaged and distant

  • passive-aggressive

  • afraid to commit

  • insecurities

  • trauma-drama

  • blame

We will then work to install, activate, and clear karmic blocks to properly expressing the following attributes in the healthiest ways possible:

  • proper anger management

  • self-love first

  • emotional intimacy and communication

  • honesty with self and others

  • communication of needs and desires

  • sacred sexuality

  • acknowledgement-acceptance-validation

  • listening-patience-negotiation-confrontation

  • communications-commitment-time-effort-energy-attention

  • old habits and patterns resolved into new behavior

  • accountability-responsibility in proper balance

  • "you can both be right"

  • reconnection dialogue is now open

  • proper relationship to "control"

  • get real and honest with yourself no matter how painful it is

  • honoring your needs, strengths, weaknesses, differences with others

  • clear parental-family lineage transference

This is really a HUGE amount of clearing we will do in a vast number of your soul contexts. Remember that even clearing a single relationship can be very potent. In this clearing, we will work within 6000 to 2 million of your past and present life relationships in a single clearing!

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August 12: Clear the Karmic Pattern of "Relationship Mental-Emotional Anguish" Across Thousands/Millions of Relationships Your Soul is Working On Now, Across All Lifetimes

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Remember, you are not just doing this work in order to fix a current problem -- you are doing it in order to be totally spiritual free.  And you can only achieve that by resolving all your karma.

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